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Hard Day, Soft Spot~2P!Canada X Reader Request
Hard Day, Soft Spot
2P! Canada X Reader Request~ To MissCrazy97
  The roaring flames in the fireplace were spraying waves of warmth to you you’re your cocoon position on the couch. Wrapped up in super soft blankets, you peered out the large cabin windows at the weathery night. Snow was cascading down from the heavens, each heavy blow of it slightly worrying you more as your gaze went to the clock, counting each second.
  The speed of the falling was a problem, but the sound of the front door slamming open relieved your worries, turning to look up at the broad shadowed figure in the doorway grumbling curses as he knocked the snow from his boots, placing his bloody hockey stick against the closet. You smiled kindly as he shook the white snowflakes from his wavy blonde hair, getting up and going to him as he slowly peeled off his gloves and unbuttoned his Mounties jacket.
  Standing in front of him, you reached a hand out to him, but yanked it back swiftly. His black
:icondj-sky-storm-117:DJ-Sky-Storm-117 954 230
2p Canada x Female! Reader: Hide and Seek
You lay on a bed of soft grass as a crown of small flowers sat on your head, the smell almost lulling you to sleep as you listened to the music tracks on your phone. You smiled lazily and stretched your body to its full length before curling back into a ball and humming along to a nightcore song that you had downloaded yesterday. Today was Saturday so you had nothing to do and being you, you had finished your homework the week before to avoid any hassle for the weekend. As you rolled onto your back once again you suddenly felt a wash of uneasiness flow through your body… It was almost like you were being watched. Who would stalk you? You were just an average teenager with… Well, not so average friends…
Cracking one of your (e/c) orbs open you yelped and shot up, accomplishing to hit your forehead against a certain Canadian’s who happened to be your best friend. A loud swore left your mouth as the Canadian followed close behind and held his head in the palm of hi
:iconmiss-fluff-queen:Miss-Fluff-Queen 208 24
Mature content
Good Morning (2p!Canada x reader) :iconcapncatastrophe:CapnCatastrophe 292 31
Mature content
2p!Canada x Reader : Maple Chocolates [Lemon] :iconhamaluvsyamcha:HamaLuvsYamcha 320 193
child reader x 2P England I like your freckles
child reader x 2P England I like your freckles
*age 8 years old*
you were sitting at home playing with your dirty, naked barbie doll,  because your mommy was too "tired" to move, dirty because your mommy had thrown it across the room, naked because her clothes had been lost and mommy said she didn't need new clothes
she had started coming home later and later and often she would smell weird or have strange men who weren't your daddy
she would slur her words and shout,
that scared you, to be honest
but still you were a bright child who was cheerful despite being in an awful living situation.
your teachers had noticed that you had a few minor bruises and scratches and you told them you didn't know how you had gotten them.
the truth was that once she had hit you but the next morning she would apologise make you breakfast until she had become more violent, but only hurt you where it wouldn't show
you hear shouting from your mother's room and ran outside giggling, until you couldn't see you
:iconmaevezz11:maevezz11 115 20
2P!England x Child!Reader - Memories
"Daddy! Daddy!" you jumped up and down as your father, Oliver, looked up from the book he was reading.
"Yes poppet?"
You stop jumping and smiled, "Do you know how mommy looks like?"
"When did you first meet her?"
"Poppet. I actually never seen or met your mother." Oliver told, which confused you in result.
"Huh? What do you mean?" you asked as you look at your dad with your big [e/c] eyes.
"I never met or knew your mother. I just found you outside and took you in." Oliver explained.
"Do you still remember that day? Can you tell me?"
"Pleeeeaaasssseee!" you said as you put up a puppydog face.
"Awww~! How cute~! Okay, I'll tell!"
Your daddy scooted abit and you sat beside him.
You looked at him, waiting for him start.
"It was when I was at home alone, making cupcakes. Al and Matt when out to do something while Francois is out for business. Then I heard the doorbell ring... I walked to the door and opened it. To my surprise, no one was there but a baby laying inside
:iconyenbeilschmidt:YenBeilschmidt 395 1,185
Hide and Seek (2p!England x Reader)
"Did you have a good time, poppet?" Oliver asked you as the two of you ascended the steps to his rather large home. The two of you were just returning from a Halloween party, and it was about fifteen minutes until midnight.
"Yes! I had a splendid time," You replied, hooking your elbow with his. The two of you had gone over to Oliver's friend Alfred's place for the party, and needless to say you were worn out. As the two of you entered the house, Oliver took you by surprise and pinned you up against the door. Looking up into his bright blue eyes, you waited to see what he would do, your cheeks flushed crimson.
Gradually, Oliver leaned closer as if he was going to kiss you, so you closed your eyes and waited.
But it never came.
"Oliver?" you asked, opening your eyes. You were expecting him to be there, still standing in front of you, but when you opened your eyes, he was gone and a note was stuck in your hand. Unfolding it, you read:
'Let's play a game, (Y/n). The rules are simple: yo
:iconkatiefrog217:Katiefrog217 370 364
2P!England x Child!Reader - Matthieu's Talent
The next day, Matthieu wasn't at home but he did left a note in the kitchen.
"Gone to get a new microwave. Don't let Oliver into the kitchen. -Matt..." you read the note.
It was 12 in the afternoon which means your dad is coming any minute now. You giggled at the thought of showing the video to him of what happened last night so you when up to your room to get your camera.
~~~Few minutes later~~~
"Poppet~! I'm home~!" Oliver said as soon as he opens the door.
"Daddy!" you ran all the way from upstairs and hugged his leg, "I miss you~!"
"Awww~ I miss you too~! And look!" He smiled as he took out your favourite chocolate, "I got this for you!"
"Yay!" you let go of his leg and took the chocolate and start munching on it as soon as you unwrap the wrapper.
Oliver patted your head and went to the kitchen but came back right after a second, "Poppet... What happened to my microwave?"
"Matthieu did it."
"He what?!"
You took out your camera and gave it to him, "I record it!"
He took your camera
:iconyenbeilschmidt:YenBeilschmidt 575 109
2P!England x Child!Reader - Nightmare
"Poppet?" you bedroom door opened and Oliver entered with a sad smile on his face.
You stopped playing and look up at him, "What's the matter daddy?"
"L-Lest's go outside." he responded sadly.
"Where to?" you stood up and walked towards him.
Oliver didn't answer. He just walked outside while you follow him.The only thing you didn't get it was why he was sad. So sad that he didn't allowed you to hold his hands.
After five minutes or so, you arrived at a huge building with kids around your age, playing in the front yard. Some doesn't have shoes, some looked poor and some are even skinny. Oliver lead you into the building where a woman was found waiting inside as if she was waiting for your arrival.
"You must be [Y/N]." the woman smiled.
"D-Daddy. W-What's going on?" you asked, frightened.
"This is where you're going to live from now on poppet." Oliver said.
"What?! No! Daddy please!" you begged as the woman grabbed you walked away, "Please! Daddy! Don't leave me! Daddy!!"
You immediately
:iconyenbeilschmidt:YenBeilschmidt 267 673
2P!England x Child!Reader - Parents Meeting
"Ah! You must me [Y/N]'s father." your teacher said.
"That's me~!" Oliver smiled.
"Please come in and have a seat. You too, [Y/N]."
You and Oliver entered the classroom and took a seat in front of the teacher's deck.
"Mr.Kirkland, I'd like to tell you that there's something wrong with your daughter."
"Oh really?"
"This doesn't affect her studies, Mr.Kirkland. She has straight A's. But... She was seen hitting a girl yesterday."
Oliver gasped and turned his head to look at you, "Is it true, my dear?"
"It wasn't my fault! She kicked me and called me names!" you protested.
"Don't you dare lie young lady! She told that you kicked her first!" the teacher growled.
"Miss, my daughter never lies to me." Oliver told her.
The teacher coughed, "Really? I was told that she always lied."
"I can see why [Y/N] hates this school. Teachers yelling, students calling her names, making silly rumors about her and her family and students bullying her while teachers don't trust her."
The teacher opened her mo
:iconyenbeilschmidt:YenBeilschmidt 438 145
Child!2p!Canada x Child!Reader: Make Believe
“Look (y/n)” Lenore walked over and handed her younger cousin a dandelion. (y/n) was now the age of five, Lenore being six.
“Pretty” (y/n) giggled as Lenore tucked it into her hair. The two girls played in the yard of Flavio’s mansion under the watch of Kuro and Lutz.
“(Y/n)! Someone’s here to see you!” Flavio called out, meaning Luciano was home.
(y/n) stood on her short legs and brushed the grass and dirt off before running inside. Lenore dashed after her eagerly into the large estate.
“Papa!” (y/n) beamed as she flashed her small teeth at him. Luciano smiled and picked her up in a warm hug.
“I’ll be having guests over later, so let Uncle Flavio dress you up” Luciano murmured as Flavio led the girls into one of the large dressing rooms.
“Do I gotta wear a dumb dress?” Lenore asked
“Yes, both of you. You’ll be in big trouble if you get dirty!” Flavio chided as he placed both gir
:iconshadowfollowed:Shadowfollowed 694 167
2p!England x Reader: How Was Your Sleep?
2p!England x Reader: How was your sleep?
You were definately sure you had locked all the doors last night, you even took the precaution of bolting shut all your windows. But still he managed to break into your home, just like every other time. That man sure was a creep, a man by the name of Oliver Kirkland.
You were woken up by warm breath on your neck, it began to tickle so you forced your eyes open with a giggle. Your grin was immediately wiped off when you caught sight of who was in your bedroom. Oliver was sitting on the edge of your bed, leaning over you, a cheshire smile stretching his features. His sky blue eyes sparkled at you and his strawberry blond hair was in disarray, probably because of the traps you set up the night earlier.
"How did you manage to get in here?", you inquired as you sat up in bed, tugging your blanket closer to you in an attempt to tip him onto the floor.
"That is not of importance, love", he cooed, reaching over to cup your cheek.
His slender finge
:iconall-bark-no-bite:All-Bark-No-Bite 687 376
2p Canada X Reader - Little Moments
    Your [e/c] eyes look up and down your Canadian boyfriend, a smile smile making its way to your face. You had always wondered why he chose you. You weren't extremely smart, or pretty, or tough. You were just...Well...You. You sighed softly and slowly moved your hand towards his chest, it hovered there for a moment, you wondered if you should run your hand over the smooth skin of his chest, or just let him sleep. He wasn't a heavy sleeper after all, and he would certainly notice his girlfriend.
    A hum escaped your mouth as your hand finally dropped over his skin, you ran it up and down his bare chest and smiled. You moved a bit closer to him, wanting nothing more than to cuddle up with him and watch a movie or something. which you could do, since James had moved the television into the bedroom you share with him. You had been sick and bored. You had gone through all of the books and magazines so you figured you would get your very strong pocher killing, moose w
:iconpureawesome22:pureawesome22 144 4
2p!Canada x Reader: Massage
I hear the door slam and a large grunt. This being the sound Matt made when he came home frustrated or tired. I automatically walk to him. He opens his arms to me. Walking into them, he holds me in a tight embrace. Something others rarely see. They all expect him not to be capable of love with his tough exterior. I bury my face into his chest, breathing in the scent of maple and pine. He rests his head on top of mine, as I was much shorter than he. Matt leans down and kisses me on the forehead. Letting me go he trudges into the kitchen. He starts to make himself pancakes.
“Nope. Go sit down on the couch. Relax.” I shoo him away from the stove.
He growls. “I can do it. I don’t need you cooking for me. You already do enough for me.” He grabs my waist. He gently starts to push me to the side.
“Matthew Williams. Sit your ass down and let me cook for you.” I growl back.
He smirks. “You’re hot when you growl.” He takes a seat at the
:iconwearethecrazypeople:wearethecrazypeople 184 20
2p!America X Reader - Bittersweet Valentine.
Alfred threw the bowl full of melted chocolate across the kitchen. "Al, If you're going to destroy a kitchen, destroy SOMEONE ELSE'S." Oliver said, annoyed with the mess that Alfred made. "Shut up!" Alfred growled, Turning back to the batter of Chocolate.
Oliver sighed and walked over to Alfred, who was sulking. Looking over his shoulder, there was a recipe for Caramel-filled Chocolate. Alfred braced himself for laughter, but Oliver just gave him a pat on the back. "If you wanted to make some Chocolate, You should've asked me." He said, turning around to get his apron.
"But I thought-""Hey! No excuses, young man!" Oliver scolded, a grin on his face. "I'm going to give you a cooking lesson, So pay attention!" Alfred could only sigh in defeat.
Two hours had passed. He Wiped sweat from his forehead, he looked down at the heart shaped chocolates, all packed in a red coloured box. "See? That wasn't so bad!" Oliver exclaimed, patting Alfred's shoulder. Alfred didn't rep
:iconyurimikki:YuRiMiKkI 325 63
I'm dating a demon : 2P america X shy reader
You and (insert BFF's name here) were headed for the bike stalls to go home after another day of nagging teachers and your classmates bullying when a rather awful realization made you stop dead in your tracks.
Allen was standing there. Allen F. Jones. Right next to your bike. There was no possible way of getting past him unnoticed.
You looked at your friend who was just grabbing her own bike and gave her a pleading look. She gave you a weird look and then looked around, when she saw the most violent member of the adversaries standing next to your bike she nodded in understanding and drove her bike out of the stalls.
“I'll give you a ride. Your place is in the same direction anyway,” She said with a big smile.
“thanks, you're a life saver!” you said, thanking the heavens for having a friend like her.
You got on the back of the bike and grabbing your friend tightly (she was the best but not the best at having someone on the back of her bike you'd learnt from exper
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